Review: The Chords of Truth Remixed Project :

Review: The Chords of Truth Remixed Project

Written by David Nazario
At Mute there is nothing we love more than when an artist steps out of their perceived comfort zone to create something unexpected. In this case it is Chords of Truth folk singer, Jason Garriotte who has merged his Bob Dylan style folk music with electronic pop on his Reflections of Reality Remixed Double LP.

A self-taught guitarist and singer, Garriotte spent years video recording himself performing and watching the recording back in order to learn how to become a better singer. After trying his hand at songwriting in 2001, performing at numerous bars and open mic spots around the country, the thought provoking Reflections of Reality EP, written by Garriotte, was born.

With lyrics like, “Our life begins before we appear/We have a purpose for which to persevere”, it is no wonder that Reflections of Reality struck a chord with fans and critics alike. Garriottte released Reflections of Reality earlier this year to rave reviews. Full of heartfelt acoustic folk music, and packed with stimulating lyrics, Garriotte’s music about life and its many mysteries can be a bit heavy at times.

Enter “folktronica”. Jason, who growing up was only allowed to listen to Christian music, has always enjoyed electronic remixes. So it was only right that while promoting his Reflections of Reality EP, he contact several producers to create mixes for a few of the songs on the album. Impressed by what he was hearing, Jason then decided to launch the Chords of Truth Remixed Contest via his website. By uploading all of the stems to his music on Sound Cloud, Jason gave producers from around the world the opportunity to create their own remixes of his acoustic tracks, while competing with one another to make it on to the remix LP. The result was a collection of fun, groundbreaking folk permeated electronic tunes featured on a double disc compilation album due out in March of 2013.

In addition to the Reflections of Reality Remixed Double LP, a number of producers who participated in the contest have made EP’s featuring mixes to the original seven acoustic tracks. To learn more about the Reflections of Reality Remixed Double LP, and to listen to remixed versions of the album, visit:

Watch Jason talking about the Chords of Truth Remixed Project right here!

Video contest winner, Tim Eddy’s video for “Listen”:

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