Doomz Releases “Martial Law” :

Doomz Releases “Martial Law”

It’s not often that a rapper today can capture the essence of the golden era of Hip Hop while also making music that could very easily be played on your favorite radio station (that’s of course if you still have a favorite radio station).

MLB representative, Doomz out of Reading, PA recently released his highly anticipated mixtape, Martial Law. With seven tracks, each one is a testament to Doomz’s versatility and ability to make songs that are more suitable for an album than a mixtape. Whether it’s his fast flow and catchy hooks or his party anthems, Mute is looking forward to all of the great things to come from this up and coming lyricist.

Visit to download your copy of Martial Law.

Tracks to turn up:
“All I Do is Go Hard” feat. Oshy, “We Party”, “Do It Right”, “Press”, “Forever”

Check out the animated video for “We Party” off of the Martial Law Mixtape right here!


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