Review: Grown Up Avenger Stuff :

Review: Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Written by David Nazario
grown up avenger stuff
When the lead singer is dressed up as a superwoman (cape and all) and the other three members of the band look like they are either afraid of you, or you should be afraid of them, there is automatic intrigue. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Grown Up Avenger Stuff is a quartet who describe themselves as your “friendly neighborhood rock band with superpowers”, and is made up of family members, Deirdre Kroener on vocals, Tyler Thomsen on percussion, Hunter Thomsen on bass and John Thomsen on guitar. Since their inception in 2009, the group has made quite a name for themselves as an Indie-rock band to look out for in and around Charlotte, North Carolina due to their dynamic live shows and unique sound.

In today’s music scene (underground or otherwise) it is difficult to find a female lead singer with as much attitude and arrogance as Grown Up Avenger Stuff front woman, Deirdre Kroener. Reminiscent of an early Gwen Stefani, Kroener has just the right amount of rasp, fearlessness and strength in her voice to make everyone shut up and listen, or jump around and sing along. This is most obvious on the band’s latest 5-track album, Alive.

With a range of high energy punk rock songs that are fun and quirky, but also deep at times, Grown Up Avenger Stuff’s latest album showcases the band’s depth and versatility. Take the title track “Alive”, Kroener sings: “Can my dreams – my love – transcend this infinite space? /I’m just trying to get by/ I’m just trying to find the light/ When everyone knows you’ve got to look deep inside.” On “Here” drummer Tyler Thomsen shows off his unrelenting skills as a percussionist, while “Perfect” is easily the most funky and soulful out of all of the five songs on the album.

Signed to Spectra records, the band’s mission is to “save the world” one song at a time. Writing and producing all of their own music, touring the country (and Canada), it is obvious that these superheroes are indeed real, and well on their way to completing the task at hand.

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