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Sony Music Makes Licensing Agreement w/ Soundcloud


Written by Lisa Tejada of SoundCloud is that streaming service I never think about. Unless, of course, an artist releases a new mixtape. Then I re-download the app, until I’m tired of the mixtape. It’s a cycle, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this. Most albums are easily available on […]

RIAA Announces New Album Award Methodology


Written by Lisa Tejada of With music readily available on our favorite platforms, like YouTube and Apple Music, album sales are sure to be on a decline. I mean when was the last time you bought an album? I’ll wait… The Recording Industry Association of America, also known as the RIAA, has taken notice […]

Apple Update Will Benefit Musicians

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.43.39 PM

Written by Lisa Tejada of For those of you familiar with iOS products, you are no stranger to voice memos, the app that allows you to record sound to play back at a later time. Most people don’t think twice about this app, and just shove it in a miscellaneous folder. However, musicians have […]

The Game Changer: Arq Aero RhythmTrak


Written by Lisa Tejada of It’s rare to go to a party or event these days and not see the DJ using a laptop to play music. Although some do not consider this to be “real djing,” it is now a norm that has taken over the party scene. However, this may change thanks […]

The Vinyl Revival: The Sony PS-HX500


Written by Lisa Tejada of Last week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (or CES 2016 for short,) Sony unveiled it’s latest turntable system. Yes, you read that right. At a time where everything is available at the touch of a button in our pockets, Sony has taken it a step back with its […]

Forward Thinking Wearable: Samsung Gear S Full Review

gear s

Written by JReviews Now photo cred: ActuaLitté via Compfightcc Late last year, Samsung finally revealed their most “forward thinking” wearable yet – the Gear S. The smartwatch showcases a sleek design with high-tech features and groundbreaking functions. Compared to other wearables, the Gear S is one of the first standalone wearable devices on the market, […]

Taylor Swift Sparks Change In Apple’s Music Royalties Policy


  Written by Ashlee Chanelle “Bad Blood” singer, Taylor Swift is one of the most powerful artists in the industry today. It’s no surprise that when the 25 year-old pop star talks, people listen – big corporations included. Swift took to her Tumblr page to express her thoughts on Apple’s royalties policy: “To Apple, Love […]

“SYNERGY”: Exploring Man & The Machine w/ S.T.A.R.C.H

blue synergy

Written by Harvey Leon, Founder of There’s something to be said about man and the machine…Indeed, there’s actually much to say on the subject; there are entire schools of thought devoted to studying the nature of this ever-changing relationship. To put things in perspective, I’m speaking of humanity’s relationship to technology, the broad definition of […]

iPhone 6: Are The Critiques Valid?


 Written by Trenton Calloway The late great Steve Jobs had a vision when he started Apple. This vision was not to deliver the most hi-tech devices to the public, but to create the most user friendly pieces of technology to date (whether he and Apple have done this or not is debatable). One thing is for sure, […]

Apple to Unveil New Versions of Smarthphones on Sept. 9th


It looks like Apple may be gearing up to announce something big within the coming weeks based on an invitation that was recently sent out to the media by the company. The invitation reads: “Wish we could say more” and displayed a picture of the corporate logo. Insiders are speculating that Apple will use this […]