Fashion Goes Back To The 90’s :

Fashion Goes Back To The 90’s

Written by Eleesha Ferguson


90’s are back, the 90’s are back, everybody screaming that the 90’s are back! 

Yup, that’s said in my Rick Ross voice! But hey it’s true and we all love some of the most popular trends that dominated the 90’s. It seems as though the fuel behind today’s fashion is that of the recycled styles of the 90’s. Luckily for us there are a few trends that are back while others are more modified versions of the original.

Take the curve hugging bodycon dresses for example; these are back with shorter hemlines than before. Produced in more styles, bolder prints and different fabric choices these dresses have become all of the rage. Not only did the 90’s bring back the go to party dress, we were given Pucci-inspired leggings, crop tops, and dark lipstick. With the likes of celebs such as Rihanna, these styles are sure to be sought after by the droves.


Let us not forget about incredible Gianni Versace! Yes, those bold colored printed silk tops rocked by Notorious BIG and P. Diddy have returned. T-shirts with similar patchwork and track jackets of the same designs are also back and made in unisex styles. Most are pairing their new tees and jackets with jeans and the famous work boot, Timberlands. By no means have these boots gone out of style since the 90’s; they’re just regaining their popularity with the younger crowd. Spikes, studs, animal print, airbrush and bandana designs all give a creative spin on the Timberland boot.

So there you have it, your latest on current fashion trends and looks to be worn now. Get your dose of the 90’s before its put back in storage!



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