Bringing Your Doodles to “Life” :

Bringing Your Doodles to “Life”

Written by John Persolus

In a bizarre hybrid of a pen, hot-glue gun, and 3D printer, Wobble Works has created “The World’s First 3D Printing Pen,” the 3Doodler. This new piece of technology allows users to transform their 2D drawings into 3D models for just $75.

The workings of this device are relatively simple. A cylinder of plastic is inserted into the end of the pen. As a button is pressed, the pen moves the cylinder through a 500° tip. The extreme heat melts the plastic, making it able to create figures in mid-air. There are also powerful fans around the tip so that as soon as the plastic leaves the tip you can keep “drawing” without worrying about dripping or drooping.

The 3Doodler can also be used to trace images on paper. The plastic does not permanently attach to the paper, so when you lift it up you have a 3D representation of the image you traced. This can be used to do some really cool things, e.g. the creators sketched over a simple printout of the Eiffel Tower, then put the pieces together by using the 3Doodler plastic as a glue.

Of course, what is created is completely up to the artist, not the pen. Most of the presented creations look like doodles. I’m very excited to see some of the artwork that comes from the collaboration with wire-artists from Etsy that will show the 3Doodler’s full potential.

These items are currently in production, and will be in stores later this year. Make sure you pick one up and add another dimension to your doodling.

doodle 1

doodle close up

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