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About Mute

Mute Magazine’s mission is to uncover and exhibit elements of music culture. Ultimately, the purpose of Mute is to find and expose (M)usic (U)nder (T)he (E)dge. Music under the edge can be defined as music that has not yet been discovered by the masses and popular culture. In other words, we amplify the artists before you hear them. In addition to finding this type of music, Mute reveals the influence music has on Fashion, Art and Technology.

Musical boundaries do not exist within the MUTE brand. Our readers ultimately embrace Mute for its respect for art, craft, and quality music from many genres. Mute Magazine readers are hip, technological, artistic, fashion forward and multicultural. #Muteheads (as we like to call them) are individuals who most likely attend concerts and cultural events, fashion shows, festivals and/or poetry readings.

Mute uses an open and artistic approach to all content and images presented. Mute is published in both print (on a quarterly basis) and online formats, in aims of reaching a global audience.