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Mute Music Moment of the Day: “Pity Party” by Melanie Martinez


Today’s Mute Music Moment of the Day is brought to you by alt-pop singer-songwriter, Melanie Martinez. You may remember Melanie from her time on NBC’s third season of The Voice, where she was on Team Adam. After releasing her critically acclaimed EP, Dollhouse and signing to Atlantic Records in 2014, Martinez really won music-lovers over when her song […]

Chelsea Reject: ‘CMPLX’ Mixtape Review


Written by Jessica Kochel In a musical, Hip Hop world filled with trap beats and club tracks, Chelsea Reject’s newest tape is such a refreshing listen. Despite being a male dominated music genre, Chelsea found a way to seal her mark amongst the boys by giving CMPLX an entirely different sound and feel that makes […]

Mute Magazine Issue Release Day Party & #OTWEK Grand Opening

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 9.50.37 AM

Mute Magazine and Off The Wall Exclusive Kicks would like to thank everyone who came out to the grand opening of Off The Wall Exclusive Kicks and the Mute Issue Release Day Party. Be sure to tune into the videos below for interviews with some of our special guests and Mute TV host Kitty Cavas, […]

Summer Issue Is Here!

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With every issue of Mute Magazine that we publish the goal is always to make the periodical better than the last one. This is imperative to us – not only because this is what we live for, but also because Mute is a magazine for you, the reader. Thankfully, and with God’s help, with this […]

A Look Inside The Summer Issue Of Mute Magazine


Check out the video below to see a special sneak peek of the making of the Summer Issue of Mute Magazine! Also, be sure to join the Mute family at the official “Mute Mag Issue Release Day Party” on July 26th at “Off The Wall Exclusive Kicks” (216 Penn St, Reading, PA) to celebrate the […]

Loving World by Visual Artist Theron Cook

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Loving World is inspired by the urban world of the USA. This video shows some of the energy that goes into creating a surreal/abstract painting. Although it doesn’t reveal the end product it does showcase the process and gives the viewer an idea of how it all comes together… Stay tuned for more details @ […]

Mute Media LLC Presents: Mute Mag Issue Release Mixer/ Concert Recap

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#MuteheadMessage: Mute Magazine would like to thank all of the #Muteheads who came out to the #PaIssue Release Mixer & Concert Friday night! Watch the video below to see the footage that was captured of the amazing night filled with great performances and positive people! Special thanks to “The Gallery” Above Penn Square for letting […]

Art becomes life… (Body Painting) by Visual Artist Theron Cook

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#Art becomes life… #Bodypainting Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication ” I believe the greatest part of body painting is capturing expression & art combined to create an everlasting masterpiece.” Mark Reid  

“Cabin Fever” by Visual Artist Theron Cook

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 12.39.21 PM

When experiencing cabin fever, we tend to sleep, or have the urge to go outside even in the rain, sleet, or snow. The phrase is also used humorously to indicate simple boredom from being home alone. For visual artist Theron cook this experience inspires him to come up with ideas and concept to paint. Check […]

Our Planet Earth Network (O.P.E.N.)


#MutheadMessage: The “Our Planet Earth” network is a collective of artists who are working with non-profits, farmers, environmentalists and green energy organizations to express real solutions for healing the earth through the arts. The introduction video below provides information about the core artists involved and the up and coming events being brought to you by “Our Planet Earth”. For more info about the […]