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Mute Minute Featuring Jgarc Beair


Mute Minute – Jgarc Beair REWIND Mute: REWIND back to your childhood and teenage years, what were they like? Jgarc: They were pretty nuts! It was bananas 24/7! I grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn and East New York where people weren’t so open-minded. See I was a youngin’ who was always very experimental with my […]

Mute Music Moment of the Day: “Togepi” by Jgarc Beair

Photo Credit: Cindy Bokeh _dH

Today’s Mute Music Moment of the Day is brought to you by New York City artist, Jgarc Beair. Armed with a crazy flow, smooth vocals and eclectic fashion sense, Jgarc Beair (and his project/collective, duHeart) is one to watch!