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The PA/ Winter Issue is here!

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The Winter Issue Of Mute Magazine is here! Click below to purchase your print or digital issue! #ThePAIssue  

Summer/Fall Mute Magazine Issue Release Mixer

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Mute Mag would like to thank everyone who came out to the summer/fall issue release mixer at The City Don’t Sleep in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! Here’s our full coverage of the event!

Summer/Fall Mute Magazine Issue Release Mixer

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If you’re in the NYC/Brooklyn area, don’t miss the Summer/Fall Mute Magazine Issue Release Mixer hosted by FUSE TV host Esteban Serrano at The City Don’t Sleep on Saturday, September 21st! The event will include music from the artists featured in this issue as well as art, raffles and special guests! There will also be a special Mute TV cypher featuring Boss […]

The Summer/fall “Brooklyn” Issue is Officially here…

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Welcome to the summer/fall issue of Mute Magazine! This time around we decided to do something a little different and go with a “Brooklyn” theme. In this issue we have done our best to capture the essence of Brooklyn as the diverse, crowded, hipster, rough, gentrified, artistic, cool (any other adjective that you see fit […]


LL Cool J's "Future Sounds My Connect Studio" Launch Event

Written by Ashlee Chanelle With more and more artists, musicians, DJs, and producers creating music out of various studios, and doing so with multiple people in multiple cities, it is getting difficult to constantly send tracks to each other via email. The digital era that we are in makes constant contact and real face-to-face working […]

Review: October People

oct 2

Written by Ashlee Chanelle One night, after aimlessly clicking on the YouTube video suggestions that came up along the side of my screen, I saw the name October People and figured I’d give them a listen. I’m sure glad something told me to click on their videos, because this is one of the best bands […]

Review: “The Late Shift” by Bluey Robinson


Written by Ashlee Chanelle From the first time I heard London r&b singer/songwriter, Bluey Robinson’s demos and cover back in the days of myspace, I knew I was hearing a star in the making; I admired his talent and drive. I was in awe of his underground subway performances that showed his character, humble nature, […]

Venture: Leroy’s Place

leroys place 2

Written by Ashlee Chanelle We at MUTE love all things fashion and art, especially if they’re quirky and fun, yet stylish. Leroy’s Place is a web site that features jewelry and art that is just that. Created by Oklahoma-born artist, Serene, the artwork and jewelry featured on Leroysplace.com is heavily influenced by graffiti, street art […]

The Music Watch is the Watch of the Future


Written by Ashlee Chanelle Forget Fossil, Rolex and Swatch, the Music Watch concept submitted to Tuvie.com by Shameem M. is the next big thing! Obviously designed for today’s generation, the timepiece features 2 USB flash drives, 2 USB ports, and a music player. No need for a clasp-this watch is fastened by interlocking the USB […]

The Evolution of the Concert Experience


Written by Ashlee Chanelle With the advent of smart phones, tablets, social networking sites and more, it seems like society today is obsessed with updating the world on their every move. When you’re walking down a busy street, you might get bumped into by someone who is looking down intently at their mobile device, either […]