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Google Glass Goes Public For The Day


For today only tech heads living in the United States have the opportunity to purchase Google Glass, a pair of wearable “computer glasses” if you will. Up until today Glass has not been available to the general public other than for a selected few and developers lucky enough to get their hands on the latest in wearable […]

Review: Amazon Fire TV

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Written by John Persolus With the smart TV arena already crowded with Roku, Apple TV, and the newer Google Chromecast, the first question any smart consumer would ask is, “why would I buy the Amazon Fire TV? What makes it better than its competitors?” The short answer is: a lot! Amazon’s little box packs in […]

Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Company Oculus for $2 Billion


Written by John Persolus Facebook has bought the virtual reality company Oculus for $2 billion. With the purchase, Facebook now has rights to the Oculus Rift, Oculus’ great (and only) virtual reality headset. The headset was initially designed as an advanced gaming device, but according to a Yahoo! report, Facebook plans to use the Oculus […]

Synaesynth Project Transforms Color into Musical Sound


Created by Daniel Kerris out of Melbourne, the Synaesynth Project may just be the most cutting-edge way to experience music and color technology yet. Described by Kerris as a “playable wind chime,” the sound system comprises hardware and software that allows users to experiment with the musical properties of colors with everyday objects like paintings or articles of clothing. Using […]

LG To Release Flexible Smartphone


Written by Ashlee Chanelle It seems as though smartphone developers are coming up with more and more ideas to outdo one another. We all know the issues that come along with a delicate screen, or tablet-sized phone being stuffed into a back pocket. Well, now LG may have a solution. The tech giant announced that […]

Mute’s 5 Favorite Features of iOS 7


Written by Ashlee Chanelle Along with the news of the coming of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c,  Apple launched it’s latest operating system on September 18th. The new software design makes for a sleek, simplistic look with updated features that most iPhone users seem to be enjoying. Here are the top 5 changes that Mute […]

The Summer/fall “Brooklyn” Issue is Officially here…

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Welcome to the summer/fall issue of Mute Magazine! This time around we decided to do something a little different and go with a “Brooklyn” theme. In this issue we have done our best to capture the essence of Brooklyn as the diverse, crowded, hipster, rough, gentrified, artistic, cool (any other adjective that you see fit […]

Apple to Announce Release of New iPhone


According to AllThingsD, Apple will be announcing the release of the next iPhone, on September 10th. And although no one is certain on the specifics of the phone, there are a lot of rumors going around about the capabilities that this new iPhone will have. Industry insiders are speculating that the iPhone, which will most […]

Sony And Panasonic To Launch 300 GB Optical Discs


  Legendary technology competitors Sony and Panasonic are doing the unthinkable and teaming up. The consumer-electronics giants are joining forces to create 300 GB optical discs, which will launch by the end of 2015. The optical discs will be durable, able to withstand temperature and humidity changes, and dust and water-proof. Due to the growing need […]

Thom Yorke & Atoms For Peace Protest Spotify’s Business Model


  Atoms For Peace members Thom Yorke and Nigel Goodrich removed their    albums Eraser and Amok from Spotify in protest of the digital music service’s business model. Here’s what the musicians had to say.  “The reason is that new artists get paid fuck all with this model.. It’s an equation that just doesn’t work. The […]